What is GIVE2GET?

GIVE2GET is an international membership program that provide a revolutionary combination of Networking, Personal and Professional Development, bringing expert coaches and consultants directly to you for only $2.22 a day!

How does GIVE2GET work?

The GIVE2GET program is simple. You register and commit to your $2.22 a day membership that is automatically paid weekly.  You get access to the Mastermind Sessions 2 times a week and our GIVE2GET Info Sessions (GIS) once a week. The Masterminds are recorded and available to watch in you Personal Dashboard. During the Masterminds we have a 30 minute window for Networking. We keep to groups of 10 or less so you have the time to truly connect. 

There is also, a referral based system that allows you to get your membership paid for and to earn passive income. If you register 4 new members under your unique ID your Membership is paid for. Register 5 new members and that’s where you will be shocked to see the passive income grow. All this for just heling others improve their life.

What makes GIVE2GET different?

We have designed our program to present our members with opportunities to earn income, with a focus on education and development. We want our members to be truly successful and personally enriched and fulfilled.   

Are there additional fees besides the membership?

The only other fees you may encounter are for the different programs you may register for. The online courses, coaching, and the investments are all paid for separately, and are not part of the membership fees. 

What is the currency of the program?

Our system operates in USD currency.