After so many years of being in both the Personal Development sector and network marketing, we found two common issues – people were not growing personally, and they are spending a lot of money while getting very little in return.

The GIVE2GET program is ultimately the solution to these two issues.

Who We Are

We believe that everyone has greatness within. GIVE2GET is a subscription-based program that specializes in personal and professional development and provides its members the ability to build and generate Permanent Passive Income (PPI), easily.


Our mission is to become a dynamic, easy-to-use, professional and personal development platform that brings opportunity to our members through education, coaching, entrepreneurship, and investment to live a limit-free life.


Our vision is to build a world-wide community of thought-provoking leaders who are inspired to give back to humanity in ways that are only limited by their individual creativity.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity – Integrity in all actions because actions speaks louder than words
  2. Respect – Respect for all individuals in all interactions and dealings
  3. Service – To serve others is to truly live an on-purpose life
  4. Gratitude – Sincere gratitude to all people all the time
  5. Continuous Improvement – Commitment to excellence daily because we can always get better
  6. Community – To create meaningful and long-lasting relationships for success


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